Laura King has been involved in the real estate business since 1996, starting out as an assistant to a busy agent in Charlotte, NC!  Loving every aspect of the transaction and the business, getting her real estate license was a very logical next step.   After getting licensed as an agent, she proceeded on to get her NC Brokers License.  

     In 2000, the family moved from Charlotte, NC to Marietta, GA.  Of course, one of the first orders of business was to get her Georgia license!  She has been helping family and friends, and clients who became friends, for 22 years in Georgia!

     One of Laura’s strengths is organization and keeping transactions moving forward toward “the finish line” – the closing table and the keys to the new home.  Using these skills as a Transaction Coordinator opens the door to a new way to help other agents regain their life and business goals, and get some of their valuable time back!  

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